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Logan Adams


I was asking a fitbit APP that runs on Apple Watch, for the benefit of keep competing with all my existing friends on fitbit. This is pretty straightforward I think, Apple Watch user ( Who formey uses FitBit) can compet with people who still use Fitbit. But honestly, after all these year, I have alresdy get used to my Apple Watch now and use other apps such as MapMyRun with friends


Its really a shame because Fitbit has an excellent fitness tracking app and I believe apple watch users would pay a fee to use the Fitbit app if it was integrated with the Apple watch. You are absolutely correct it is amazing that otherwise "smart" businesses are slow to react and wind up going the way of the dinosaurs

I use my Applewatch for steps, exercise, heart rate and I love, love the breathe app for meditation. I use my Fitbit for tracking sleep while I charge my Apple Watch. I use my Aria scale as well. I use MyFitnessPal app to track from all 3 devices and it works great. Wish they could merge seamlessly so that you can look at any one device and have the same time info, but for now MyFitnessPal seems to do the trick plus I can keep track of calories. Oh and I use waterlogged as my app to remind me to drink my 84 oz/day, which also syncs with MyFitnessPal.

Hello there, so far there has not been more updates about a possible integration with Fitbit and Applewatch, as it was mentioned earlier in this Feature Suggestion. At the moment, this is all the details I have available to share and I really appreciate your constant feedback regarding this subject.

I think that if you build an app tied to a subscription you could have a decent business model. E.g. you create a great app for the Apple watch. The continued use requires like 10/mo or 100/yr subscription. Surely that's more profit than what you get per device and it's per year. For Fitbit devices you make it free. You could even start to charge for advanced features. Have you tested willingness to pay for a subscription?

I see a trend where hardware revenues for fitbit will drop as more and more people want integrated, higher functioning wearables. If fitibit were to be wise and create service or app for money it would guarrantee the future of the company and not compete with Apple and Samsung. Who will outspend and out market fitbit without even realizing it. So for now, fitbit has a good reason to be around. But once those other huge behemoths get their act together the device will look pretty silly. The app, however has great value. I love it. But I want more than the Blaze will ever provide and Watch2 comes pretty close. But just like Apple tied everyone to iTunes and made billions, fitbit could tie us to their amazing app.

Why not just build an watchOS app and sell it on the store? Why not make watchOS compatible with Premium. That has to be a way for fitbit to make money and give us what we want. Hubris kills more companies than bad product ever will.