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Buy Garden Flowers Fixed

We focus on beauty with environmental benefits. Garden in the Woods and the Garden Shop are closed until April--see our opening dates on the right. Although we are closed, our 2023 Native Plants Price List is posted in two formats, below. You can pre-order plants for pick-up at Garden in the Woods or Nasami Farm when we reopen in April. Meanwhile, you can plan your garden anytime with our lists of plants and prices, as well as the Garden Plant Finder. For ordering instructions, see How to Order Plants and Other FAQs in the box below. You can also browse below to see our curated plant collections and kits for particular purposes and conditions.

buy garden flowers

A: Our plant list is meant to be an aid in compiling your order. While it is not required when sending your order, it is helpful to us. To place an order, download or refer to our 2023 Native Plant Price List from the Buy Native Plants webpage. Enter quantities in the price list and your information and notes in the Customer Information Form and email your order to Please include:

For color-illustrated handbooks with full descriptions of stunning native garden plants, you can buy either or both of our books, The Northeast Native Plant Primer: 235 Plants for an Earth-Friendly Garden or Native Plants for New England Gardens online on the Garden books by our Experts page.

A: We try to find cultivars that are closest to the species or have some other important attribute, such as fertile flowers. Some cultivars are actually species plants, but they carry a cultivar name from the grower for marketing purposes.

When the spring ephemerals have passed, the plants in this collection take the spotlight, ensuring that your garden looks top-notch during backyard barbeque season. These plants will be in or approaching full bloom June through September.

Donna's Garden Flower Shop offers beautiful flower deli