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KENNY THOMAS - Best Of You ( Video ) BETTER

Ask any Lobo basketball fan and they will tell you Kenny Thomas was nothing short of a superstar, a hometown hero, and will forever be one of the faces of Lobo basketball. A record setter and fan favorite, Kenny Thomas most certainly made his mark at the University of New Mexico, including being a part of the Lobos best four-year mark in school history.

KENNY THOMAS - best of you ( video )


BERKELEY - California rushed for a season-high 195 yards, piled up 30 first downs and scored 28 points against one of the nation's best defenses, but the Golden Bears found themselves on the wrong end of a 62-28 final score to USC Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

Norwich thoroughly dominated the opening 20 minutes of the game with perhaps their best period of the season, outshooting Middlebury 17-1. The Panthers didn't record their first shot until 22 seconds left in the stanza.

Opening statement...Gary Harris said it best. `Coach, you have to schedule more games on Valentine's Day for [Denzel] Valentine.' He thinks it's special and his mom thinks it's for him - it's not, but it's good that he played well. I'm a little disappointed in him because he isn't rebounding as well. He had a good excuse because he's kind of guarding guards now a lot more than he used to guard when he was on the inside on the wing guys. Because of that, I don't think he has as many boards, but he showed he was one of the more complete players. His defense has been so much better, we even talked about putting him on Yogi [Ferrell] because we didn't think we could cover Yogi [Ferrell]. I think [Yogi Ferrell] has become one of the greatest point guards in the whole country and I don't know if we did a good job on him or if he just wasn't as involved. When he misses a couple free throws, maybe it's not his day. We've gone through that with our players, too. We beat a really good team today. The way they played the first half, we didn't guard, and then we had our stretch where they didn't guard and we did. They scored 40 points in the first 15 minutes of the game. After that, I think we did an unbelievable job. I just thought our defense made our offense go. Zel [Valentine] found some great looks and we played a lot of that game without [Bryn] Forbes and [Eron] Harris. We got a lot out of our bench, but the shame of the thing is that I think we'll lose Kenny Goins. It looks like it might be a meniscus, so that is frustrating. Give Marvin Clark credit, he came in and actually did a pretty good job under the circumstances. All-in-all, an unbelievable crowd and an unbelievable game and yet, Indiana is a good team. I was concerned about the game because I didn't know if we could cover the way that they drive it and the way they handle it. [Max] Biefeldt, give him credit, for a while he was the best player on the floor. I give our team credit. We bounced back. Zel [Valentine] got after everyone at half time. We weren't very good in the first half, even though we got the lead. I don't think we were playing very well. The second half I think we played offense very well, and that turned our defense into our offense and we scored.