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Where Can I Buy Silk Pajamas

If you're looking for the luxury of silk pajamas but don't want to pay the luxury price tag, Fishers Finery's 100% silk cami and boxer set is a total steal at less than $90. Our Textiles Lab pros are impressed by the brand, which has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal for its silk pajamas, pillowcases, sleep masks and scrunchies. In Lab tests for abrasion, the silk material proved durable, and in moisture management evaluations, it also proved to be moisture-wicking, making it a great option for sweaty sleepers. This set is hand wash only, but we think the incredible price is worth the extra care.

where can i buy silk pajamas

As a cost-effective alternative to genuine silk, consider a synthetic satin pajama set. A synthetic satin set like this one from Victoria's Secret that's made with polyester offers some of the same benefits of real silk for a fraction of the cost! Our analysts love that the synthetic fabric is still super smooth and gentle against the skin and that it's extra durable, so it's easier to wash and care for. It won't be as breathable as real silk, though, which means it's not great for hot sleepers. You can choose between short, regular and long options and from sizes XS to XXL.

One Lab analyst who owns this set described it as "stunning," raving about the beautiful pattern and color options available and just how silky the material felt. Plus, she is a hot sleeper who stayed cool in this lightweight, breathable pajama set. However, she did notice that there were some loose threads around the seams of both the shorts and top when she took them out of the package. When we washed this set according to the care instructions, we didn't notice any changes in appearance or additional fraying, and the material felt just as smooth and soft as it did prior to being washed.

Silk pajama sets, especially long-sleeve tops and pants, can be pretty pricey, but this two-piece set from THXSILK is only $160 and more affordable than some short sets and slips. A Textiles Lab analyst who tried these pajamas out described them as smooth and said they were a bit short but fit true-to-size, while online reviewers encourage sizing up. One reviewer shared, "The quality is amazing, [and] they're super comfortable" and added that she planned to buy the set in every color. If you prefer a nightgown or robe instead, the brand offers a ton of different styles, and there are even couples sets available for an added value so that you can match your significant other for less.

Lunya's silk tee pajama set is loved by reviewers and Textiles Lab analysts who say it's super comfortable, luxurious and smooth. According to one analyst, the top is stylish enough that it could be worn on its own as a blouse, and the color is vibrant and "gorgeous." When we washed it in our Lab (yes, it's machine washable), we didn't notice any significant changes in appearance, and the silk fabric felt just as smooth afterwards. If you want to add an extra personal touch, you can have your initials embroidered on the set for an added fee. The most common complaint with these pajamas is that the top is very oversized, so if you prefer a more form-fitting style, you may want to size down or choose one of the brand's other pajama sets.

When you're searching for the ultimate luxurious silk pajamas, look no further than this chic pair! Olivia von Halle's silk satin pajama sets are definitely on the more expensive side, but they're made of high quality silk, screen-printed and designed with elegant details like mother of pearl buttons and hand-crafted piped trim. Our Lab analysts had the chance to analyze the pajamas in person and were impressed by the beautiful designs and smooth feel of the silk. The brand does recommend hand washing or dry cleaning to best care for the pajamas; they're not a low-maintenance set. If you love the designs but are shopping with a lower budget, the brand offers cotton and silk blend sets, which are just as beautiful and have a crisper feel.

Amanda (she/her) researches and reports on products in the Good Housekeeping Institute's Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab, ranging from clothing and accessories to home furnishings. She holds undergraduate degrees in apparel merchandising and product development and advertising and marketing communications, as well as a master of science degree in consumer sciences from The Ohio State University. Prior to joining Good Housekeeping in 2022, Amanda was a lecturer for the fashion and retail studies program at Ohio State, where she taught fashion and textiles courses.

When you want luxury and effortless comfort, look no further than this nightshirt from Morgan Lane. Made of 100 percent silk, the nightshirt is polished off with a menswear-inspired styling, set off by a feminine stripe design.

Prefer to sleep in a white tee? You can upgrade your usual T-shirt to a silk one, and pair it with matching bottoms. This number also comes in a deep blue color, so take your pick and doze off into some restful z's.

Slip into this delicious pajama set, complete with a matching eye mask, after a long day. It's made of eco-conscious viscose and Ecovero blend for a satin, silk-effect fabric. You can't tell us you won't have the most comfortable sleep while you look as cute as a button.

Lunya is known for its quality machine-washable silk in vibrant hues. This relaxed set includes a cropped button-down and airy high-rise pants with side slits for breathability and freedom of movement.

Splurge on this gorgeous 100 percent silk pajama top from Parisian-inspired lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse, and you'll look forward to slipping it on every night. Plus, the dusty rose hue is flattering on just about every skin tone.

The fabric looked and felt amazing right from the bag, with a more suede feel than silk, that was even more luxurious. I also loved the high slit in the pant leg, allowing my legs to breathe when tossing and turning, although this may be annoying for those that like to stay covered completely.

Fall in love with these silk jammies, but buy them right now. The washable silk PJ collection at ThirdLove is on sale and almost out of stock, so we recommend grabbing the tops and bottoms in every color while you can.

Slip into silk and then hit the sheets with Lilysilk. The brand offers a variety of pajama sets to choose from, each made of washable silk that is delightful on the skin. Shop for casual T-shirt sets, longer styles and even some for your man to match.

Lazing the day away in your best pajamas used to be one of life's simple pleasures. In recent years though, in the spirit of regularly working from home and spending, well, a lot more time indoors, PJs now serve as a sort of uniform for it all. In other words, you're probably wearing them more often than when it's time to slip into your sheets. Brands have taken note, and many have amassed a loyal following thanks to pajama iterations that fall somewhere between day and nightwear. If you haven't done so already, we recommend you up the ante with an indulgent set of silk pajamas.

Try a matching pajama set (perhaps one trimmed with feathers because, why not?) from J. Crew, a statement silky print from Olivia von Halle, or more affordable options from Lunya or Rihanna's Savage x Fenty. Read on to shop the best silk pajama options from around the internet and from our editor's PJ drawers, and helpful tips like how to best wash silk.

"I believe what you wear has a transformative effect on how you feel so when shopping for silk pajamas, you should look for pieces that feel like heaven," describes Olivia von Halle (opens in new tab), founder of the eponymous luxury loungewear brand (opens in new tab) known for its opulent silkwear. And while you may think that all silk pajamas are the same in that they all feel, well, silky, that isn't a universal truth.

Authentic silk is quantified by "mommes" (abbreviated to "mm"), a Japanese word that's the universal unit of measurement for the fiber. While there is a mathematical element to momme weight (far too many numbers and decimals are involved for my little fashion-loving brain to comprehend), the takeaway here is simple: The higher the momme, the heavier and denser the weave will be, ergo, the better quality the silk piece will be.

But here comes the tricky bit: Brands don't always offer the momme weight of their silk pieces. In those cases, you'll want to pay close attention to the materials and percentage breakdown of how much real silk is used to gauge the quality of the piece.

"The natural fibers in silk have excellent properties that will prolong the time you can wear it without washing," explains von Halle. "Silk is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial so simply hang your silk pieces in the fresh air and let the material work its magic. This method means you can extend the time between washes, which is also great for the planet," she points out.

"This silk set is the ultimate in low-key luxury," says Marie Claire's Director of Content Strategy (opens in new tab), Jenny Hollander (opens in new tab). "It's Lunya's best seller, and for good reason: It's cozy but not cloying (it has 'thermoregulating' powers, apparently), relaxed but not baggy, and can be mixed and matched with your other summer pajamas (opens in new tab). Win-win-win." Bonus: This is a washable set, meaning you can toss it directly in the machine! Still, heed caution by washing it in cold water and perhaps even tossing it in a laundry bag for delicates.

If you want the look of a vintage nightgown but either don't want to do the IRL thrift shop hunting yourself or aren't particularly enthused by a pre-slept-in option, this lace-trimmed nightgown from luxury pajama brand Sleeping With Jacques is one to consider. This dress is made of a uniquely smooth and stretchy blend that's composed of 93 percent silk and 7 percent spandex. Pro tip: Layer a black turtleneck under this slip dress for a sultry, sleek look you can wear out of the house. 041b061a72


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