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Logan Adams

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle Of The Realms FRE...

Raiden and Shao Kahn appear in front of the Elder Gods and ask to declare a new tournament. Raiden also asks to be allowed to participate in the tournament as a contestant, in exchange for his immortality. The Elder Gods granted their wishes. Raiden returns to Earthrealm, now as a mortal, and gathers the realm's forces to join the tournament. After all contestants enters the portal, Scorpion appears and tells to Raiden what Shinnok told him. Raiden explains that the temple hold the Kamidogu, a relic of the realms that once all of them are reunited they will unleash the power of the One Being. As a mortal, Raiden cannot separate Scorpion's soul from the key, and asks him to keep fleeing in Earthrealm.

Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms FRE...

In the tournament, Raiden is slain by Shao Kahn in battle. The final confrontation is between Liu Kang and Shao Kahn. Liu Kang kills Shao Kahn and is declared the winner by the Elder Gods, but they summon him as Raiden's chosen one to fight against Shinnok, as his fusion with the power of the One Being caused the realms to start merging. With the power of the Elder Gods, Liu Kang takes Johnny, Sonya, Jax and Kitana to the fusion to protect the Earthrealmers, as he turns into a giant dragon and battles with Shinnok. Shinnok gets the upper hand, but is stopped of executing Liu Kang by Sub-Zero and Scorpion. As Liu Kang defeats Shinnok, he vanishes the fallen god of existence, separating the realms and returning with the warrior to the Koliseum.

"Battle of the Realms" quite literally begins with a battle between realms. Sometime after the tournament, Outworld plans and enacts an invasion of Earthrealm. Kitana, who is still under the thumb of Shao Kahn, is leading the forces of Outworld in an all-out offensive. Special forces figures like Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs, and Curtis Stryker take up defensive positions against the incursion with the help of Kung Lao and Lord Raiden. Apparently, Earthrealm's victory of the Mortal Kombat tournament is being ignored by Shao Kahn. 041b061a72


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