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Autocad 2018 Installation and Licensing: A Comprehensive Overview

you can refer to this LINK , but not sure if Autocad 2018 is still available. as far as i know you can download 4 latest version of autocad, may i know why you need autocad 2018 instead of 2019 to 2021?. thanks

how to download autocad 2018


6. Select the 'AutoCAD 2018' version from the drop-down list of the Version category. The operating system and the Language will appear according to the selected version.

does well without autocad 2017 sp1. After sp1 got installed rejects to work with an exception error. Confirmed after two reinstall with and without sp1. Fix is dont use sp1, which is kind of annoying. Some programmer should take a look into this.

AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT 2018 or later: Because the AutoCAD web app saves drawings to the AutoCAD 2018 file format, Open in Desktop is only supported if your installed version of AutoCAD is version 2018 or later.

Just run the installer that you have downloaded from Autodesk App Store.It will create the C:/ProgramData/Autodesk/ApplicationPlugins/TotalLength.bundle folder containing the TotalLength files.Open a drawing in AutoCAD.The TotalLength ribbon button is located in the Add-ins tab. It could happen that you have several Add-ins tabs if you have installed several plugins from Autodesk App Store.Alternatively, you could type _Totall in the command line - this command also starts the TotalLength dialog.If the TotalLength.bundle folder exists but the _Totall command is not working, maybe you are using AutoCad LT - it does not support AutoLISP plugins (TotalLenght is an AutoLISP plugin)

With this release, we are adding Support for the 2018 version. This version represents a file format change to DWG which necessitated the need to add RealDWG 2018 Librari