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Denny, J.F., Schwab, W.C., Ackerman, S.D., Baldwin, W.E., Danforth, W.W., Moore, E., Nichols, A.R., and Worley, C.R., 2017, High-resolution geophysical and sample data collected offshore of Fire Island, New York in 2014, U.S. Geological data release,

391 mp4


Mahomes in the first halves: 43 completions in 57 attempts (75.4%) for 503 yards (8.8 yards per attempt), 267 air yards (4.7 yards per attempt), six touchdowns, no interceptions, one sack, 19 pressures, and a passer rating of 136.8.

Mahomes in the second halves/OT: 25 completions in 44 attempts (56.8%) for 253 yards (5.8 yards per attempt), 129 air yards (2.9 air yards per attempt), no touchdowns, two interceptions, five sacks, 20 pressures, and a passer rating of 54.5.

This is not something Mahomes has been able to do to date. In the Week 13 loss to Cincinnati, Mahomes went against a three-man rush on seven plays. He ran four times for 11 yards, and failed to complete a pass on three attempts. This included an ineligible downfield pass penalty on a throw to receiver Justin Watson with 12:10 left in the first half.

Please use either this White House Television downloadable .pdf file or the complete collection below (The majority of the collection is available for viewing (MP4 files) on the Reagan Library official YouTube channel and the National Archives online catalog (downloadable). You may also use the complete collection inventory below to locate the links).

Rays pitcher Jaime Schultz tried to nibble down and away to Davis on the first pitch. Even though Davis has great success stepping in the bucket, the one place he struggles the most is at the knees and away, where he hits just .160. On the first pitch, Schultz bounced this slider.

Jackson got out of it unscathed, and most important, allowed Kelley to come in the following inning with a clean slate. Kelley also got in some trouble but got out of it after runners were at second and third with no outs.

Browser capabilities have exploded in the past years and with it the possibilities to run large applications without the need of additional software.Still when combining interaction and visualization of larger datasets the number of nodes such as with SVG becomes quite difficult to handle (limited resources). That is why we have been experimenting with solutions to make use of WebGL, mixing rendering and maintaining interaction.In order to be able to render scientific data (as read by geotiff.js) we have developed plotty ( ). This tool allows us to quickly colorize and render the data using a shader, making it possible to create interactive and explorable animations.For further data analysis, such as evolution curves through time or larger and complexer plots we have been working on graphly ( -A/graphly). In this case for us it was imperative to maintain complex interactivity while using rendered images. This was achieved by combining a second canvas which keeps unique identifier colors for the objects.We would like to present our concepts and experiences of the developed tools.

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