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Jericho Season 3: Civil War - The Comic Book Continuation of the Hit TV Series

Jericho Season 3: Civil War - The Comic Book Continuation of the Hit TV Series

If you are a fan of the CBS television show Jericho, you might be wondering what happened after the cliffhanger ending of season 2. Did Jake Green and Robert Hawkins manage to stop the Cheyenne government from starting a second American civil war? Did Texas join forces with the Columbus government to fight against the Allied States of America? Did Jericho survive the impending invasion by the ASA army?

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Well, you don't have to wonder anymore, because the story of Jericho continues in a comic book series that picks up right where the TV show left off. Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a six-issue limited series that was written by Jason M. Burns and the Jericho writing team, and published by IDW Publishing between 2009 and 2011. The comic book series follows Jake and Hawkins as they travel across the hostile ASA territory, trying to expose the truth behind the September Attacks that destroyed 23 U.S. cities. Along the way, they encounter old enemies and new allies, and face difficult choices that will determine the fate of the nation.

Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a must-read for any fan of the TV series, as it provides a satisfying conclusion to the story that was left unfinished on screen. The comic book series also features stunning artwork by Alejandro F. Giraldo and Matt Merhoff, and covers by Scott West. The comic book series was well-received by critics and fans alike, and was praised for its faithful adaptation of the characters and themes of the TV show.

If you want to read Jericho Season 3: Civil War, you can buy it online from[^2^] or[^3^], or download it from various digital platforms. You can also find more information about the comic book series on Wikipedia[^1^]. Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a thrilling and satisfying continuation of the Jericho saga, and a must-have for any fan of the TV show.

But Jericho Season 3: Civil War is not the end of the Jericho story. In 2012, IDW Publishing announced that they would continue the comic book series with Jericho Season 4[