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CG5 - Vibrant Eyes [Dream SMP Original Song]

Charles "Charlie" Duncan Green V, also known as CG5, is an American music producer, songwriter, and singer who writes original songs, covers, and remixes on a variety of subjects. He is well-known for his songs about the Minecraft community, specifically music about the Dream Team and Dream SMP, and he has even collaborated with members of the Dream SMP on songs.

CG5 - Vibrant Eyes [Dream SMP original song]


Charlie was two years old when he developed a strong interest in music. He began making music0 when he was five years old,[4] and until 13 years old, he began uploading his music to the internet; on the channel Charlie Green. In 2014, he created the channel CG5, where he would post original songs instead of his typical covers. Around 2016-2017, CG5's songs went viral such as Can I Get An Amen? and other songs. With the amount of success he was having on the CG5 channel, he decided to switch over.

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