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Lg Inverter Ac Error Codes

The meaning of the 01 error is the Indoor unit return air Thermistor is faulty. You can try to Unplug the Thermistor from the PCB & Check the resistance value for 20k ohms.

Lg Inverter Ac Error Codes

The meaning of the 02 error is that there is a problem with the Indoor unit coil inlet Thermistor. You can unplug the Thermistor from the indoor PCB and Check it for 20k ohms resistance.

The meaning of 03 error indicates a wiring error between the remote control system and the fan coil. This is most common in group control applications where more than 1 fan coil is connected to a single remote controller. Check first if you did the wiring correctly.

05 error code indicates a communication problem between the indoor and outdoor units. It appears approximately 5 minutes after powering up the system.The communication between the units is a fluctuating DC voltage commonly called a serial signal. If there is a communication error fault CH05 will appear on the Wired Remote within 5 mins of powering up the system. It can be easily lost if the wiring is not done correctly.

The meaning of the 06 error code is the problem with the Indoor unit coil outlet Sensor. You can unplug the sensor from the indoor PCB and Check its resistance for 20k ohms.

A CH07 error code will appear when the condenser is in heating and any slave is set on cool mode. Likewise, if the condenser is in cooling and any slave is set to heating a CH07 fault code will appear.

If you facing a 09 error problem in your air conditioner, you can check for loose connections or dry joints where EEPROM connects on Main PCB. You need to repair it if possible, if you can not repair then you can replace the PCB.

Appearing a 10 error code in the display can cause of a faulty indoor fan motor. You can check if the fan motor lock or faulty. Replace the fan motor. If the problem is still the same, change the PCB.

When the compressor is over-current, the 22 error code will appear in the display. You can check the PCB using a multimeter, check all connectors for loose connections and check the main power circuit voltage.

While LG has a good reputation for making high-quality appliances, from time to time, your LG dishwasher may have an issue that stops it from working correctly. Fortunately, if the dishwasher has an issue, it is designed to display an error code that will tell you what the problem is. By reading our LG dishwasher error code guide, you can diagnose and possibly fix the problem yourself. If you are unsure how to fix the issue, contact a trained technician to fix it for you.

If you see 2H on your LG dishwasher, it is not an error code, it means that there are at least two hours remaining for the cycle. As soon as there are 99 minutes or fewer remaining, the 2H will change to 99 and begin counting down until the cycle is complete.

An LG dishwasher AE error code means that the dishwasher may be leaking. If you cannot see any signs of a leak, there may be excess water in the base of the dishwasher, usually under the bottom panel where there is a basin and a leak sensor.

An LG dishwasher CE error code indicates a defective motor or a loose motor wiring harness. You may be able to clear the error code and continue using the dishwasher by disconnecting the dishwasher from the power for ten seconds. However, if the error code returns, the motor and its wiring harness will need to be checked and repaired or replaced to stop the error code from returning again.

An LG dishwasher FE error code indicates that there is too much water in the dishwasher. The most common causes of this error code are a defective water inlet valve, faulty float switch, or a drainage issue.

An LG dishwasher IE error code indicates that the water level in the dishwasher was not high enough after ten minutes of filling. The error code can be caused by poor water pressure, the drain hose not being installed to the correct specifications, or the dishwasher not being level.

However, if the error code returns, the motor will need to be checked with a multimeter to determine if it has failed and needs to be replaced. Before replacing the motor, make sure the error code is not caused by a loose wiring harness or a foreign object interfering with the motor.

If you are seeing OE on your LG dishwasher display, the dishwasher is having trouble draining. The error code can be resolved by checking for food debris in the bottom of the dishwasher or dishwasher filter, making sure the drain hose is not kinked or clogged, checking the air gap, or making sure the drain pump is not clogged or defective.

An LG dishwasher PF error code means that there has been an interruption to the power supply. It can be caused by a power cut, or the dishwasher not having a dedicated circuit breaker at 120v, 60Hz, AC only, with a minimum of 15 amps. Using an extension cord in powering the dishwasher or the dishwasher not being grounded can also cause the PF error code.

An error code or flashing light popping up on any electrical equipment or their attendant remote can be a bit of a worry. These warnings speak for the system; telling users that a problem exists with either the inside or the outside unit. Generally when an error occurs the unit will shut itself off to prevent further damage.

Error codes are particular to their manufacturers and their different models. There are many hundreds of codes used within the air conditioning industry. This means we cannot list them all here. However, we have list the main codes and brands in a table below.

Technically, the E4 error is not an error at all. It actually tells you, your unit is going into defrost mode. That does, however, mean that something has caused your unit to get too cold. A broken temperature sensor can also cause your AC to enter defrost mode.

You would think all manufacturers would use the same codes to make it easier for repair contractors and consumers, but that is not the case. So, the above are troubleshooting tips you can use on any unit.

It helps to have a reference for some of the most common error codes. So, here is a list of some that you may encounter. Print it out or bookmark this page, so you do not have to search Google the next time you have a question about AC error codes.

Keep in mind, manufacturers use different codes, and there are error codes for discharge temperature, room-temperature sensor, inverter, PCB, and other malfunctions. These codes may not indicate your specific issue.

Ice can form on your indoor or outdoor unit, on the AC lines, and in the ducts. The E4 error code does not signify what is causing the unit to freeze or get too cold to operate without causing damage.

Searching for lg hvac error codes? This article we offer you the complete list of LG ac error codes, also known as lg air conditioner fault codes. If your LG aircon not working well, you will see the error code in your remote control. If your LG air conditioner model do not have remote control, the error code will show in the aircon.LG inverter air conditioner error codesLG AC error code c1 or ch1Indoor temperature sensor open or closed circuitLG AC error code c2 or ch2Outdoor temperature sensor open or closed circuitLG AC error code c4 or ch4Heat sink temperature sensor open or closed circuitLG AC error code c5 or ch5Communication indoor and outdoor unitsLG AC error code c6 or ch6Excessive current at inverter DC power circuitLG AC error code c7 or ch7Excessive compressor currentLG AC error code c8 or ch8Indoor fan not rotatingLG AC error code c9 or ch9Outdoor fan not rotatingLG AC error code ca or ch10Faulty discharge thermistorLG AC error code ccEEPROM errorLG AC error code cdInverter module errorLG AC error code poSystem in power mode ( not a fault )LG AC error code loSystem in test mode ( not a fault )LG AC error code ch 01Indoor unit return air thermistorLG AC error code ch 02Indoor unit coil inlet thermistorLG AC error code ch 03Wiring error between the remote controller and the fan coilLG AC error code ch 04Float switch fanLG AC error code ch 05Communication indoor and outdoorLG AC error code ch 06Indoor unit coil outlet thermistorLG AC error code ch 09EEPROM connects on main PCBLG AC error code ch 10Indoor fan motor problemLG AC error code ch 21Over current in the inverters DC power circuitLG AC error code ch 22Compressor over-currentLG AC error code ch 25Incoming power supply to the systemLG AC error code ch 26Inverter compressorLG AC error code ch 27Inverter moduleLG AC error code ch 28DC voltage inverter is too highLG AC error code ch 29Overload operation or compressor damageLG AC error code ch 32Inverter compressor discharge temperature is above 105 degreesLG AC error code ch 39PCB defect or wiring defectLG AC error code ch 41Inverter compressor discharge thermistor faultLG AC error code ch 44Outdoor unite air themermistorLG AC error code ch 45Condenser coil outlet thermistorLG AC error code ch 46Compressor suction thermistorLG AC error code ch 47Inverter compressor discharge thermistor faultLG AC error code ch 61Outdoor unit condenser coil temperature above 65 degreesLG AC error code ch 62Outdoor unit inverter heat-sink thermistorLG AC error code ch 65Inverter PCB heat sink thermistorLG AC error code ch 67Outdoor fan motorLG AC error code ch 73Overload operation or compressor damage40 lg air conditioner error codesShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on EmailShare on WhatsAppShare on PinterestCan ac cause cold in babiesPlease enable JavaScript 041b061a72


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