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Logan Adams
Logan Adams

[S1E15] Christopher Returns

Moments later, Chris announces over the PA speakers that, as of that moment, the teams are dissolved and every camper is on their own. Suddenly, the boys have no problem being against each other. Chris, on the other hand, isn't through with the surprises, and former Killer Bass member Eva returns to the island moments later, with dramatic music playing and a giant wall of fire blazing behind her. Eva states that she will pay close attention to the former Bass team, who previously voted her out of the competition. Gwen wonders aloud why Eva returned after Chris repeatedly stated that once a camper is voted off, they are never allowed to return "ever." Chris responds that he lied, and Leshawna warns Gwen against debating the issue any further. Since Bridgette is the last former female Killer Bass member left in the competition and the one who suggested she get anger management, she soon discovers that she is the object of Eva's attention and need for vengeance. Chris then welcomes the second returning camper, Izzy, a former Screaming Gopher who swings in on a jungle vine. Izzy says that she never left the island and that she was hiding from the RCMP in the forest and taking refuge in the beaver dam. Chris then instructs the campers to assemble in the amphitheater for their next challenge. Owen is pumped and asks Duncan for a high-five, but Duncan tells him that Chris said it's "every camper for themselves." Owen sighs and walks away as he watches the yacht depart.

[S1E15] Christopher Returns

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