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Crysis 2 Objects Pak Files: What They Are and How to Use Them

A PAK file is an archive used by video games such as Quake, Hexen, Crysis, Far Cry, Half-Life, and Exient XGS Engine games. It may include graphics, objects, textures, sounds, and other game data "packed" into a single file. PAK files are often just a renamed .ZIP file.

Crysis 2 Objects Pak Download


File used by Simutrans, a free transportation simulation game; contains game object graphics and properties; compiled from a plain text ".dat" data file and a source .PNG image; used for game vehicles, buildings, terrain, and other objects.

To modify Simutrans objects, users typically don't edit the PAK files directly. Instead, they usually download the source DAT and PNG files used to package a PAK file, modify the files, and then re-pack the contents into a new PAK file. PAK files are built using the MakeObj.exe program.

Other performance wins in Warhead came via changes in level design. Crysis Warhead avoids massive vista scenes heavy on drawn objects, vegetation and AI. By extension, there's no VTOL section in Crysis Warhead either (so no scope for performance plummeting per the original's Ascension level). Combat encounters are large, wide and long - but broken up more often by intervening terrain. In general, all of these changes combined make the game less oppressive on GPU and CPU. To illustrate, the original's Ascension can still dip into the mid-30s on a Ryzen 3900X with 3200MHz DDR4 - and we've even logged a similar result on a Core i7 8700K overclocked to 5.0GHz. Meanwhile, the worst we saw in Crysis Warhead on the same Ryzen set-up was a split-second drop to 40fps that swiftly corrected itself, taking us back up to 60fps and beyond.

It's still very much a Crysis game though and I do recommend trying it out today - but I would recommend some tweaks. First of all, visit the PC gaming wiki and download the parallax occlusion mapping AF fix - which allows anisotropic filtering and POM to live together wihout issue. If you're using HDMI, Crysis and Warhead may try to default to 24fps. Pressing Alt-Enter a few times may fix this but if doesn't, try setting up a custom resolution the GPU control panel - 1918x1080 for 1080p, for example, at 60Hz. This should solve the issue. I'd also recommend using the 64-bit .exe - it runs better in CPU-limited scenarios and presents fewer issues on modern PCs, particularly with AMD processors. Then I'd recommend using m