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Gta V License Key Pc 15

And as the country and the world as a whole has suffered through not only a health crisis but also one of the quickest and deepest economic contractions in recent history, the United States regulated cannabis industry continued on its tremendous growth path, growing over 50% annually from just over $13 billion in sales in 2019 to an estimated $20 billion in 2020. And while the vast majority of businesses were retrenching in this unprecedented time, experienced, well-positioned regulated cannabis operators continue to expand their footprints and deepen their operations. We were proud to continue to partner with them in 2020 as their go-to real estate partner, a year in which we made 20 new property acquisitions and additional investments in our existing portfolio totaling over $620 million. As of today, we own 67 properties in 17 states, totaling 5.8 million square feet which are 100% leased on a long-term basis to high-quality licensed cannabis operators.

gta v license key pc 15

Now the one property that was not leased in our portfolio at year-end was our Los Angeles, California property. And as noted in our press release issued yesterday, Holistic Industries, our long-term tenant partner in Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania, acquired the operational licenses for this property in early January, and we executed a long-term lease with them for the entire property. Aside from our Los Angeles property, our tenants have paid all contractual rent due in the fourth-quarter 2020 and the first two months of 2021, other than one tenant in our Southern California portfolio having paid partial rent through that period. And we have executed no rent deferrals for any tenant since July of last year which we believe is a testament to the quality of our tenant base and their ability to adapt to this new normal, in addition to the exceptional resiliency of the regulated cannabis industry as a whole.

There are numerous cannabis-related bills pending in Congress at different stages of review. A few of the more notable bills include the MORE Act passed by the House in December, with a focus on descheduling cannabis and social equity. The SAFE Banking Act which would provide additional safety to financial institutions in serving state compliant licensed cannabis operators. The STATES Act which would protect states to enact their own cannabis policies, free from federal interference, and bills focused on mitigating the draconian tax impact of IRS Code Section 280E for cannabis operators.

multistate operator, with licensed operations in nine states including 38 retail locations, 12 cultivation and processing locations and over 1,100 employees across its operations. We are thrilled to add Harvest to our tenant roster and look forward to supporting them in their expansion of production capacity at this facility. Florida is the largest medical-use cannabis market in the United States, closing in on 0.5 million qualified patients. Including the Harvest property, we own and leased four properties in Florida, totaling about 1 million square feet to tenants Trulieve, Parallel and Harvest, representing a total investment of a little over $150 million including commitments to fund future improvements.

We're excited to bring 4Front in as a new tenant partner, a leading MSO with licensed operations and services in California, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington. Including our 4Front transaction, we own six properties in Massachusetts, representing a total investment of a little over $185 million, comprising approximately 647,000 square feet with tenants 4Front, Ascend Wellness, Cresco Labs, Holistic, PharmaCann and Trulieve, an exceptional roster of leading MSOs. As noted, our 4Front transaction marks our first acquisition and lease in the state of Washington. Washington is a relatively well-developed, mature market with recreational cannabis sales of over $1 billion in 2019.

As you know, PharmaCann is where we started, having executed our sale-leaseback with them for their property in New York in December 2016 shortly after we completed our IPO. Since then, we have partnered with PharmaCann in numerous transactions to facilitate their continued expansion with fiveproperties located in Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania with our total investment including future commitments to fund additional improvements, totaling about $167.5 million. With licenses in eight states and one of the largest privately owned, vertically integrated cannabis companies in the U.S., we are proud to partner with PharmaCann over the four plus years and support them in their strategic growth in markets representing tremendous growth opportunities. Kings Garden.

Led by Ben Kovler, Green Thumb is one of the largest MSOs in the United States, with licenses for 97 retail locations, 13 cultivation and manufacturing facilities, and operations across 12 states. Earlier this month, they raised $100 million of equity capital from a single institutional investor which we view as a real testament to the success of their business and future opportunities. Holistic. We own fiveproperties leased to Holistic in California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Pennsylvania, representing a total commitment of about $108 million.

As Paul alluded to in his remarks, at the very end of last year, Columbia Care announced that it had signed a definitive agreement to acquire Green Leaf for $240 million in cash and stock, and that transaction is expected to close in the summer of 2021. And as you may recall, Columbia Care acquired one of our other tenants at one of our Colorado properties, the Green Solution in 2020. We also leased to Columbia Care two properties in New Jersey and pro forma for its acquisition of Green Leaf, we would expect to lease to Columbia Care, properties representing a total investment of about $88 million. Columbia Care is one of the largest and most experienced MSOs, operating 108 facilities with licenses in 18 jurisdictions and the EU.

Good afternoon. Thanks for taking the questions. I wanted to kind of follow-up a little bit on the pipeline outlook and kind of breakdown percentage of the existing tenants that are moving forward with new facilities or tenant expansions and kind of the new tenant opportunities. The beauty of the space is that a lot of these limited licenses are capped.

Just kind of given all the potential puts and takes with the industry, some of your larger tenants maybe having less of a dependence on alternative capital, while at the same time, presumably more and more licensed growers kind of entering the space and potential tenants entering the space. So when you kind of look at all those different puts and takes, increased competition, et cetera, do you envision any shift in your strategy as it relates to production assets versus retail assets? Any reason for any of those changing dynamics to impact that strategy of sort of favoring large production assets over sort of more traditional retail assets?

I think if you were thinking more of de novo perhaps new growers that aren't multistate operators that have -- that are -- that have received a license but haven't really grown in the past, those type of transactions aren't what we're focused on, if that's what you're asking.


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