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Kirill Kulikov
Kirill Kulikov

Emotional Music - I Am In Everything - Mei-lan

4:32 am May 22nd: Nebula track on thorax 20m with Mei-lan's music is helping my heart.10:46 am May 22nd: Feeling better again like yesterday morning. I was just physically and emotionally exhausted last night from this long week.11:10 am May 22nd: I have only exercised two days in May: doing the trenches for the 9-day flood warning we are in and bouncing on the trampoline one night after work before bed. I haven't been on a walk in 30 days. Working 12 to 10:00 pm all next week and declined my supervisor's request to work additional overtime early in the morning since I don't finish my work tasks until 10:30 and may not be able to sleep at night and might need to lay in bed all morning to rest. Low-sleep nights make for low-functioning mornings. I had such brain fog and sleepiness during my shift by Thursday and Friday, that I had to resort to drinking an 1/8 cup of coffee at 7pm last night to finish the final hours of my shift. It worked and helped me cope with a long call with a challenging customer and also comply with multiple new policies enacted in the last couple days that feel like a really big deal.

Emotional Music - I Am in Everything - Mei-lan

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