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Download Kop Surat RT Format Word, PDF, atau JPG

How to Download Kop Surat RT

Kop Surat RT is a letterhead that is used by the Rukun Tetangga (RT) and Rukun Warga (RW) to send official letters to the residents in their neighborhood. It is an important document that represents the identity and authority of the RT and RW. In this article, you will learn what is Kop Surat RT, how to create it with Microsoft Word, and how to download it from online sources.

What is Kop Surat RT?

Kop Surat RT is an abbreviation of Kepala Surat Rukun Tetangga, which means Neighborhood Association Letterhead. It is a document that contains the name, logo, address, date, and number of the letter that is sent by the RT or RW. The RT and RW are community organizations that are responsible for maintaining social harmony, security, and welfare in their respective areas. They are usually elected by the residents and have a close relationship with the local government.

download kop surat rt

The purpose and function of Kop Surat RT

The main purpose of Kop Surat RT is to communicate official matters to the residents or other parties. For example, Kop Surat RT can be used to invite residents to attend a meeting, inform them about a new policy or regulation, request their cooperation or assistance, or express gratitude or appreciation. Kop Surat RT can also be used to apply for permits, licenses, certificates, or other documents from the local government or other institutions.

The components and format of Kop Surat RT

The components of Kop Surat RT are similar to any other formal letter. They include:

  • The logo and name of the district or city where the RT and RW belong.