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Stores That Buy Costume Jewelry

Neil Sackmary is a graduate Gemologist from the GIA who has been practicing Gemology for over 25 years. He has spent years doing research on coins, jewelry, and its market pricing, which gives Nevada Coin Mart its prestigious name. With his help, NCM has now become home to some of the most respected and highly professional costume jewelry buyers in Las Vegas and Henderson. Today, Neil pays the MOST CASH for all costume jewelry items.

stores that buy costume jewelry

Primarily, costume jewelry is made out of inexpensive materials like simulated gemstones, including lucite or rhinestones, set in metal alloys like pewter, silver, nickel, copper, and brass. However, during the time of depression, even gemstones were downgraded by manufacturers to cut the cost of costume jewelry production.

Costume jewelry has been around for almost 300 years. In the 18th century, jewelers made pieces using inexpensive glass. Later, in the 19th century, jewelers introduced the use of semi-precious materials, which were more affordable. Its affordability gave commoners the chance to own pieces of costume jewelry.

The middle of the 20th century gave costume jewelry its golden era. During this time, the middle class wanted to own jewelry that was inexpensive yet beautiful. This demand for affordable jewelry occurred along with the emergence of revolution of industrial manufacturing and machine-age. The invention of machines made the production of carefully replicated heirloom pieces possible.

When the structure of social classes in America started to change, the measure of wealth in every community evolved as well. Finally, women from all social statuses, even the middle-class ones, could own a piece of costume jewelry. Even your average country woman could have and wear a considerable amount of mass-produced jewelry that was both stylish and affordable.

Costume jewelry owes most of its popularity and image to various designers who made during the mid-20th century. Some of the well-known names include both high end and low end brands like Chanel, Dior, Napier, Crown, Monet, Coventry, Miriam Haskell, and Kim Craftsmen. Additionally, Hollywood movies played a role in popularizing the use of costume jewelry. The lead female stars in movies during the 1940s to the 1950s would always wear and endorse costume jewelry created by a range of designers.

Pieces from Miriam Haskell, Coro, Crown, Butler & Wilson, and Sphinx are among the most sought-after ones. On the other hand, there are unsigned pieces of good quality that, although may not come from well-known designers, would still be desirable to certain collectors. The brand of an item should not discourage you from selling your costume jewelry.

For costume jewelry buyers, there a lot of factors that affects costume jewelry value besides it metal content. It may not be easy finding out if you the value of your costume jewelry is high, but there are some indicators that you can look out for.

The Art Deco movement was a successful attempt to mix mass production with art, design, and structure. During this period, Coco Chanel introduced costume jewelry in her outfits. The most notable characteristics of costume jewelry during this era includes harsh geometric and symmetrical themes. Statement pieces like long pendants, bangle bracelets, cocktail rings, and elaborate accessories such as cigarette cases are also popular during this time. The Art Deco movement, however, died with the onset of the Great Depression around the 1930s along with the outbreak of World War II.

Jewelry designers struggled with the art versus mass production problem during the Retro Period. Manufacturers introduced merging natural materials with plastic. Retro jewelry includes bold pieces that exude glamour, elegance, and sophistication. They feature flowers, bows, and sunburst designs that shout Hollywood flair. Such pieces would often include accents like moonstones and synthetic materials like bakelite and plastic. Most of these retro pieces are American-made, which has a distinct American look.

Some luxury brands carry costume jewelry in their line. However, this does not mean that costume jewelry from less expensive brands do not carry value. For instance, gold-plated and silver-plated jewelry would still sell for a few dollars because of its precious metal content, given that you find a reputable costume jewelry buyer. If you want to sell your costume jewelry, try to look for the following articles in your jewelry box:

If you are wondering where to take your costume jewelry, Nevada Coin Mart is your best bet. Our store is open 365 days a year, from 9 AM to 6 PM. We are located at 4065 S. Jones, Corner of Jones & Flamingo Next to ARCO Gas Station. You may reach us at 702-998-4000.

Costume jewelry, also referred to as fashion jewelry, is an affordable way to accessorize without spending high dollars on more expensive jewelry containing precious metal. Costume jewelry can be very trendy with a quick shelf life of popularity as fashion styles change and evolve. Although costume jewelry is often less expensive than other types of jewelry, it still has resale value, making it worth your time to bring it into an expert jewelry buyer at PGS Gold & Coin. PGS Gold & Coin buy costume jewelry of all styles and all eras, whether you have vintage costume jewelry or modern costume jewelry. We pay you cash for unwanted costume jewelry so you can keep up with the most current fashion jewelry trends.

Selling your unwanted gold jewelry at our retail coin shops is a quick and secure process. When you bring your jewelry to our professional jewelry appraisers, your jewelry is evaluated immediately. We make offers based on the current market value of your specific items with a no-risk obligation to sell until you want to sell your items. Our cash offers to buy your gold costume jewelry are the best way to sell your unwanted jewelry so you can shop for the most current styles and keep up with new trends.

As Certified Coin Dealers, Appraisers, and Precious Metal Specialists, PGS Gold & Coin buys, sells, and appraises coin collections, stamp collections, gold & diamond jewelry, along with a wide variety of items. PGS Gold & Coin provides free evaluations, estate & insurance appraisals, safe deposit box appraisals, and coin grading submission services. PGS Gold & Coin can assist you in buying, selling, and investing in gold bullion, silver bullion, platinum bullion, palladium bullion, and rhodium bullion, as well as guide you through investing in Precious Metal IRA. PGS Gold & Coin GIA Certified Diamond Buyers appraise diamond engagement rings, diamond jewelry, loose diamonds, and gemstones. PGS Gold & Coin pays top dollar for diamond rings, diamond jewelry, sterling silver, and scrap dental gold. PGS Gold & Coin retail stores feature rare coins, antique silver coins, US gold coins, foreign gold coins, silver dollars, type coins, ancient coins, medals, tokens, old US currency, foreign currency, Confederate currency & Civil War currency. Our online store features all of the above plus fine watches, antique pocket watches, autographed sports memorabilia, historical documents, militaria, US & foreign war memorabilia, comic books, vintage toys, model trains, musical instruments, rare stamps, estate jewelry, luxury fur coats, designer handbags, purses, fine wine collections, antiques, and collectibles. We also buy smartphones, cell phones, iPads, laptops, video game consoles, and other new in-the-box electronics.

Many buyers look for costume jewelry at yard and garage sales. City-wide yard sales on designated days can bring many buyers into a community and have the added benefit of being widely advertised. Some communities require participants to pay a nominal fee; others allow residents to sell goods for free.

Although many arts and crafts fairs are comprised of artisans and artists who create new materials for show and sale, some fairs permit older or antique goods sellers to rent a booth or space. Because arts and crafts fairs are frequented by those with an eye for design or an interest in art, well-made costume jewelry could have wide appeal. Additionally, visiting arts and crafts fairs and speaking to artisans about their materials could result in a sale. Some artists rework existing or vintage products in their own recycled jewelry and might be interested in buying old pieces.

Costume jewelry can be sold at auction, to antique dealers or to wholesalers. Trade magazines, antique catalogs and websites devoted to the sale and advertising of vintage items can often connect buyers and sellers. Local auction houses can provide details on contributing items to auctions. Antique stores may purchase items directly or may be able to provide contact information about wholesalers and dealers to work with.

Click here to browse results from other items sold at our 2007 Property of Various Upstate NY Country Estates auction. We are here to purchase your costume jewelry in Albany NY or Saratoga NY. If you are looking to sell to us, contact us here.

To this day, vintage fashion jewelry pieces are in high demand for their elaborate, ornate beauty. Because of some of the largely influential designers in this era, costume jewelry pieces that are signed may add even more value to the vintage piece that you own.

How a piece is made is the ultimate sign of value and quality. Look for clear details, well-decorated elements, sharp lines, crisp figures, even prongs, strong settings, sparkling faux stones, glass, or other high-end materials to value costume jewelry. For pins, look at the pin latch, examine the way the pin is attached to the brooch. If it looks solid, you have a winner.

Condition, quality materials and deterioration will impact how much a piece of costume jewelry will sell for. For instance, if you see green residue on your piece of costume jewelry, thing twice before purchasing. If the finish on the metal is delaminating or flaking off, you may want to keep shopping as these are signs of low-quality items. 041b061a72


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