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Don Vs - Pride (Official Music Video) ft Don Cliff, Degbueyi Oviahon, Akobeghian - MP3 Download

Alomo Records presents Don Vs featuring Don Cliff in this Edo / Benin music titled Pride from the album Child Benefit for free downloads.

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Alomo Records presents Don Vs featuring Two Tigers in this Edo / Benin music titled Lazy Aproko from the album Child Benefit for free downloads.

If you're a fan of good music, then you definitely need to check out Superstar's latest offering. Listen, share, and download "Painting Pictures" below, and get ready to be blown away by the sheer talent and creativity of this amazing artist.

Impatience is a child of our pride and unbelief. It rises out of our frustration that we do not control what happens and when in our lives. We see this dynamic in the wilderness, among the people God has just delivered from slavery and oppression:

In the 1920s, a renaissance happened in Harlem. Black artists inspired each other to make art that expressed an audacious new vision of Black beauty, Black hope, Black truth and Black pride. A century later, Black artists are coming together again. Welcome to Amplify With Lara Downes, intimate conversations with visionary Black musicians.

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Finally, hit Export Project to create your new video. In the export menu, you have a number of formats and resolutions to download your video with, and can even adjust the compression level.

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Wao it said swallow your pride and come to the school of the spiritThats wat we need in this present timeWe need to attend d school of the spirit dats the only way to get instructions from God DAT will bring everything in obedience to Christ obedience to the instructions receive from God by attending the school of the spirit

Lord make us instruments of Your peaceWhere there is hatred let Your love increaseLord make us instruments of Your peaceWalls of pride and prejudice shall ceaseWhen we are Your instruments of peace

Lord make us instruments of Your peaceWhere there is hatred let Your love increaseLord make us instruments of Your peaceWalls of pride and prejudice shall ceaseWhen we are Your instruments of peaceWalls of pride and prejudice shall ceaseWhen we are Your instruments of peace

In this study we want to look at another sin that Jesus spoke about which is again far more serious than many sins listed in the Ten Commandments, and thatis the sin of pride. In Luke 18, Jesus told a parable about two people who went to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other atax collector. In those days the tax collectors in most cases were cheats, who made money from other people. Everybody knew that they are sinners. On theother hand, the Pharisees were a people who appeared to be very holy on the outside. This Pharisee stood and prayed, in Luke 18:11, "God I thank you that I am not like other men. I am not a swindler, unjust, adulterer, or even like this tax gatherer" and then he listed allthe right things that he did; he fasted twice a week, he paid tithes and so on. But the tax collector, standing some distance away, said, "God be merciful to me, a sinner." And Jesus said, that man, that sinner, went to his house justified rather than the Pharisee. What was wrongwith the Pharisee? What was his sin here, which made God condemn him? Pride!

Pride is what made the devil into a devil. Prior to that, he was an angel, a perfect angel. As soon as pride came into his heart, he became a devil. Itdidn't take even one second, it was immediate. As soon as the thought came into his heart, God cast him down. The Bible says in 1 Peter 5:5, "God resists the proud." God is always fighting against proud people. Wherever He finds pride, wherever He finds proud people, He is resistingthem, fighting them, standing against them, because that is contrary to God's nature. Just like, if you are a clean hygienic person, you would hate filthand rubbish and garbage, whereas a pig doesn't hate rubbish and dirty water. Why do you hate it? Why do you immediately have revulsion to filth andrubbish, whereas a pig doesn't have such revulsion? It is a matter of nature.

We don't have revulsion for pride because pride is part of our nature. We don't see it as a filthy thing. We are exactly like that pig, wallowing in the mire and thinking, 'This is okay'. But God's nature is the opposite ofthat. He hates pride. The Bible says that Jesus humbled Himself. He came down from heaven to earth, became a servant and thereby demonstrated what God'snature is like; one of humility and lowliness. He showed thereby what man should be like. God created man to be humble. When man is proud, what he has isthe nature of Satan, the thing which God hates, the thing which God resists, it is sin.

What about spiritual gifts, your Bible knowledge perhaps. People can be proud of Bible knowledge. That is a sin. Bible knowledge is not a sin, but to beproud of it is. For a preacher to stand up and be proud of the fact that he is such a wonderful preacher, accepted and invited everywhere, he is thebiggest sinner of all. Not because of his preaching, but because he is proud of it. Because he goes back from his preaching and congratulates himself thatso many people appreciate him. It could be that you have a large church and you are very proud of that. Yours is one of the biggest churches in the cityand your church is growing more than other churches. There is nothing wrong with that. But if you are proud of it, you are evil. Jesus came to save us frompride. Pride is not listed in the Ten Commandments just like hypocrisy is not listed. But those are the sins Jesus came to save us from. Jesus spoke aboutthose who seek the honour of men, when they give money, when they pray, when they fast, what is this? All this is pride. Jesus said to His disciples,'Don't be like that.'

Whenever we look down on others, we are proud. Think of the story of the prodigal son. What is the problem with the elder son in that story? He looked downon his younger brother. He said, 'See what he is like and see what I am like.' Whenever you compare yourself with another person, and you think what awonderful person you are, how much better you are, maybe you are purer, or holier, that is pride. You can be proud of your holiness. Maybe you are holierthan somebody else, you are proud of it, and you can say, 'Lord I thank you that I am not like the people in that denomination.' When you are proud of thedenomination you belong to, it is a sin. There is nothing wrong in belonging to a good church, but when you are proud of it, it is a sin.

You see there is a lot of sin in the many, many good things that we do and that we have. And that is the sin of pride, a sin found right in our mostreligious and so-called spiritual activities, a sin which is unrecognized. Jesus hates it. Imagine you got something in your life that Jesus hates; don't you want to be saved from it? Ask God to show you right now the areas in your life where you have pride, because they are destroying you. Ask Jesus to save you from them right now.


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