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Twenty 4 Seven - Take Me Away (Official Video) HOT!

But seriously, if we look at the amount of waste that we commit, the waste that we indulge in - not just a pencil, but so many things that are so easily available to us - we don't even take any note of it. We pull out reams of paper and wipe our hands and throw them away. There are so many other ways in which we waste things. We waste a lot of food and so many things. It would be a good exercise for some of us to make a note of how much we waste every day and compile that in terms of monetary and natural losses that we suffer.

Twenty 4 Seven - Take Me Away (Official Video)

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There are other examples which show the efficacy of nonviolence. I'll give you one last one. It's an example of India fighting the British for twenty-seven years for its independence and losing less than 8,000 human lives in twenty-seven years, whilst Algeria, around the same time, were fighting the French for their independence, and, because they had chosen to fight a violent struggle, in nine years Algerians lost 1.2 million human lives, not to speak of the total decimation of the country itself - the economic structure was destroyed in the war. So it makes sense - practical sense - that finding a nonviolent solution to conflicts is much better than finding a violent solution. [59:57]

Middlesex County is the twenty-third-most-populated county in the United States, and other than eight years in Boston after college, I have been a legal resident here for all of my thirty-seven years.

My name is Tana Brinnand. I was born on June 12, 1946. I was conceiveddirectly after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I remember air raiddrills in grade school. We would hide under our desks, on our knees, withour heads in our laps. This was supposed to protect us from atomic bombs.Later, we would go to the inner hall of the school, away from the windows.This was considered an improvement in technique. I remember fall-out sheltersfor sale and discussions of public shelters. I had nightmares as a childof the world blowing up, with only a space ship to take me away from thedestruction. I read a book about "The Third World War." In it,someone lost their feet in an atomic explosion, and ran down the streeton bloody stumps. When I saw the motion picture, "On The Beach",I realized for the first time, that I was not the only one who was terrifiedof the possibility of atomic warfare. It sickens me that governments stillinsist on testing nuclear weapons.

After returning to the States with my Japanese fiancee, we visitedthe Enola Gay exhibit, held in the Air and Space Museum, in Washington D.C..We paid for our tickets, and proceeded to wait in line to see the exhibit.As we waited, there was a large screened t.v., airing a short documentaryabout the bomb incidents. Perhaps the most disturbing thing of all, wasthat on that ocumentary, they showed footage of the actual crew, just beforethe bomb was dropped (on Hiroshima). In the crew, there was a chaplain,who gave a prayer. His prayer went to the effect of "Lord, deliverus from this terrible destructive force that we are about to unleash uponthese innocent people.". My mouth dropped, and I could not believewhat I had just heard. Not only did that video clip turn me away from allChristian beliefs, but it had started to make my heart pound, in anger anddisgust. I looked to my fiancee, and she was in tears, having lost her grandparentsto the bomb. I was appalled at how my country could put on display, andcharge money to see, such a tool of genocide. We were looking at the planethat dropped the bomb that destroyed her family, and so many other innocentpeople. I know that I will never actually come to really understand theJapanese as they do each other, but on that day, I had a better understandingof how much suffering these people had endured. Since then, I have studiedupon other Japanese WWII subjects, li