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Buy Last Year's Model Golf Clubs

The golf industry is a complete scam. Golf club manufacturers continue to release new golf clubs. They continue to talk about how much better they are from the previous releases. They continue to convince naive golfers that they need to spend more on this set compared to the older models that are priced FAR more reasonably.

buy last year's model golf clubs

For example, the Callaway XR 16 driver (which you can get for $100-150 easy) is easily just as good as the Callaway Epic Flash driver. Practically the same club with a different color scheme. The difference in ball speed? Minimal at best. The difference in forgiveness? Nill. The difference in price? Substantial. The Callaway XR 16 driver is about 5 years old now. Once you get closer to 8-10 years old, you may notice a small difference in performance compared to the newer clubs. But in the last 5 years? Practically no difference.

Some of the best deals found on golf clubs and caddies happen right around the holiday season as people shop for gifts for the golfers in the family. Pricing may not drop a great deal, but you can often find different incentives, such as sales or country club member discounts that help the overall pricing and make this the right time to buy. With Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holidays during this season, Facebook marketplace and other online marketplaces are great options to find fantastic deals on new equipment.

This is the time of year when some stores and golf manufacturers start trying to sell off their current gear to make way for new models in the spring. Some stores do wait for spring to discount clubs, but Fall is a great time to look for gear.

If you do not spend money on instruction as a means to change how you strike the ball then definitely get yourself custom fit; your clubs will last 10 years or more. The technology used to make todays golf equipment is vastly different than the equipment of yesteryear.

Every two years there are changes in design and technology. In the last ten years massive advances in golf balls, clubs, putters, and wedges have allowed us all to have a greater choice for a more enjoyable golfing experience. So those that can afford to stay up with the latest in high tech should change every two years, the average player three to four.

It is my belief that the average Amateur golfer if they are content with their scores and distance they hit the ball can have some older equipment. If the amateur is looking to make significant progress in his shot making and scoring then the equipment should be newer. Does not have to be the newest but hopefully it has been fitted for them. I am sure that there are club manufacturers and sales reps that disagree but from what I see on a daily basis not everyone will benefit from spending $1,000.00 or more on golf clubs to have fun playing this game.

The best golf companies hire exquisite engineers to push the state-of-the-art when designing new clubs, so every few years, it is worth trying out the new equipment. However, make sure you do so with a qualified PGA Professional so that the technology works in your favor, and not against you.

Well, the retailers on this page are not going to appreciate this but the truth is (in my opinion), golf clubs are like cars. Year to year the technology improves slightly. or multiple technological ideas are melded together into one product. But like car models, drivers from consecutive years are probably very similar to one another. Conversely, when you get three to four years apart, that is when you will likely notice a difference.

Companies will charge what the market will bear. The diamonds in the rough are going to be found in the 1-2 year used space. Clubs are getting better, but only incrementally. Newer golfers can find great value in 1-2 year used clubs. What would be *nice* would be for OEMs (most of whom have decent pre-owned retail presences) to actually market these to newer golfers. Otherwise, these newbies need a sherpa to guide them through the maze of used equipment. And then a cheap box set seems easier.

It is not gouging. It is called supply and demand. If people were not willing to pay the cost of new equipment the prices would drop. Callaway sold so many Epic Drivers last year they could have increased the price. Ping G400 is the hot driver this year. You tell most golfers they can gain distance with s certain driver and they test it and find it to be true, they want regardless of the cost. If I do not want to pay for a new driver then find last years model and bug it. It will be very close to the same technology and performance but at a significantly reduced price.

2) Ping has a the 400 price point, okay but the last fitting day I witnessed there was no launch monitor and the shafts were generic, they were not brand or model specific. Even the labeling was limited as far as weight and torque. OK so was I hitting a $15-20 make up painted shaft or where is the Hzardus black I was hitting with the Rogue and M3? I know that shaft costs some money without and up charge.

In my opinion for 90%+ of the golfers out there, a new (full price) driver is not worth it. Not just the cost but the lack of improvement over existing clubs. Most people I see, new clubs are more of a bragging thing. Get over yourself!

with the prices getting so high my g400s will get new shafts as i look at most of the other players bags i dont see that many new stuff. but i play public golf courses about 100+ rounds per year. i also have noticed that many pro shops do not stock clubs like they did before.

These prices are ridiculous. As a weekend golfer that also has a son that plays, technology is hard to catch and or keep up with. These driver prices are half of a mortgage payment. The thing I do know that I give up in buying last years model or even a 2 year old model is fitting. But I am not playing tournament golf or chasing a handicap. I am just having fun with my friends.

A professional fitting is useful for comparing your current clubs to new ones.. I recommend using new high quality golf balls, not cheap, worn out range balls.. If you buy a new driver, I recommend you test hit the exact driver you intend to buy off of the shelf. Performance of demo drivers can be different from the clubs for sale on the shelves.

The days when you could only shop in-store on Black Friday and online on Cyber Monday are gone. With such awesome prices available online on Black Friday already, you no longer have to wait in line since 6:00 am to get your golf clubs.

Sure, you should definitely seize the opportunity to buy the newest golf club models during the holiday season if you manage to find good deals, but make sure not to set your expectations way too high.

In fact, bundles and sets tend to get better discounts during the holiday season than individual clubs, so make sure to explore your options and secure the best possible deal for your complete golf club set.

For example, one of our top recommended online golf equipment stores, Global Golf, offers club trade-ins as well as a program called Utry that lets you try an iron before you buy it. There has never been this much allowance for finding your ideal clubs, and you should take advantage.

Secondly, most major golf manufacturers run their new models of golf club for between 1 to 2 years before they bring out the next new model, which means that last years close out specials can still give you a significant boost in performance over what you currently use.

The bulk of the golf companies around the world spend most of their time and money, researching, developing and improving their golf clubs in an effort to make them go more accurately and further than all the previous models.

Golfers benefit from all this development in golf clubs as they end up with golf clubs that provide ease of use, better accuracy and to me the biggest advantage is that most of the club-heads are designed to provide better bad shots (the exception being the pro models).

The real benefit to the golfer of newer golf clubs is that when the golfer, like all golfers do from time to time, hit bad shots in a round and you are using golf clubs that are designed to allow you to reduce your errors when they happen.

Having spent the majority of the last 30 or so years helping golfers find out what the most suitable new golf clubs would be for them I can say categorically that after removing price from the equation, there are.

Trust your intuition with this point, as unfortunately quite frequently, the salesperson simply wants to sell you the set of golf clubs with the best margin or the ones they have had for a while, that they want to get rid of.

If you have been following the world of golf equipment over the last few years, you will have noticed that TaylorMade's M-range of golf clubs has been one of the most successful on the market for amateur golfers and professionals alike.

I took the Max OS Irons, along with the SIM Max, to Prestbury Golf Club for some on-course testing to see how these golf clubs reacted in real game environments. I wanted to discover whether the larger head and stronger lofts would give me a little more distance and provide more forgiveness on some thick, wet winter lies.

When hitting the irons there was a different sound to the Max, although it was clearly better than last year's M5 and M6 models. The Max produced a 'thud' sound which was almost like a forged iron. The Max OS was slightly more clicky, perhaps due to the larger head, but an improvement from TaylorMade's 2019 offerings nonetheless.

Personally I wouldn't, because I don't think I need game-improvement irons of this size and I don't think they'd suit me. However if you are a golfer that needs some help with their iron play, you can now play with clubs that sound closer to a forged iron, whilst still having the help you need to improve your strike.

At Golfbidder, we're delighted to work with you, the leading golf equipment manufacturers, and your local golf PGA professionals to bring you the broadest range of new and pre-owned golf clubs available in Europe. With over 20,000 clubs in our warehouse, it does not matter what you're looking for; Golfbidder gives you the best chance of finding your next golf club at the right price. 041b061a72


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