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Best Buy Refrigerator Repair Service

As you know, Best Buy works in millions of customer homes each year, and we have long been proud of the services we provide. Because of the increased concern for you, your families and our employees, we have made the decision to suspend currently scheduled installations, haul-aways or repairs for large items like refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and TVs.

best buy refrigerator repair service

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Geek Squad - Best Buy offers the following services: Appliance and TV repair, major brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else. Delivery and Installation services available for your appliance and HT purchased at Best Buy. Appliances: Refrigerators, Washer/Dryers, Ranges (gas or electric), Dishwashers, Microwaves. TVs: LEDs, LCDs, Plasma, Flat-Panel, Smart TVs, including older TV models. Computer & Repair Services, most brands, whether purchased at Best Buy or anywhere else.

Booking a service visit with a Bosch technician or authorized servicer without the assistance of your service plan company may result in a repair you will be financially responsible for. Please contact your service plan company for assistance with your repair.

In better case scenarios, you may only need to consult with an appliance repair service virtually, or perhaps even solve the problem on your own with a little help from online resources or even a comprehensive book full of troubleshooting tips on maintaining and repairing some common appliance problems.

In January I had a computer that wasn't working, so I took it to them to fix it. I signed a year service contract which cost $100. They have NO telephone support to check up on the repair. I left dozens of messages and no one called back. After the date for the repair had passed I drove 50 miles to pick up my computer, only to find that it was in pieces and still being repaired. I was furious so I asked them for my computer. They took another half hour putting it back together and gave it to me. They apologized and said that they would give me a full refund of the $100 I had paid them. Now, a month later, still no refund. DO NOT USE THEM! They are either incompetent or too busy to meet their promises. Either way, I would recommend staying away from them.

That group informed me that I had to take pictures and make videos of the serial numbers at the back of the TV, a photo of the front of the TV, and/or a video of the machine etc. I told them I was elderly and that I had given them the numbers and that they would see them when they came. They told me they couldn't do the repair unless I did what they said so I cancelled the appointment. I paid for this service and a lot of money for it. Now they won't come to fix the TV and all it needs is to be connected to wifi. What is this picture taking all about? Never again will I deal with this company and certainly not the Geek service that is just a runaround. I was patient and courteous with these people. Very disappointing and never again.

Gene from Best Buy Geek Squad in Temple, Texas came to my home to set up a my new factory sealed computer & monitor that was still in the box sealed. He cut the seal of the boxes for my computer and monitor. He then placed the monitor on its back on top of my wooden desk. Gene then pushed the monitor with the sharp edge pointing down along the top of the desk causing a 15 inch scratch on my furniture desk top. Gene said he would take care of it out of his pocket, that he would pay for the damage to be repaired rather than go through Best Buy Geek Squad. I asked for the damage Gene had done to be sent through Best Buy for repair. He then told me he would file a claim. I asked to talk to his supervisor which he called on his personal cell phone. I talked to a Michelle at Geek Squad Temple Texas. Michelle was curt and rude in her voice tone to me. I am 64 years old and have never encountered such a sharp and nasty demeanor to discuss the damage her employee did to my furniture. Michelle told me I would need to "stay on the claim as they were not good about honoring it". Gene took pictures of my room without my presence, He took pictures of my desk as well. Gene stated he had filed a claim and that he would provide information and his phone number before he left my service call at my home. As yet I have not received either phone number or claim information from Best Buy/Geek Squad. Gene did not leave anything with me and said to call him in two days if I had not heard from Best Buy/Geek Squad. How is that possible when Gene did not leave any information with me. I am waiting to hear from you and plan on giving you until Tuesday August 18, 2020 at 10:00 AM for a response.

On 03-11-2020, my mother who is 87 years old call from New York telling me that her refrigerator just broke down, so I immediately when to the Best Buy in Melbourne, Florida and purchase her a new one. They told me the earliest they could deliver was 11-13-2020, I was a little disappointed because my mother needed the refrigerator the same day. I explain to her that they would deliver it on 11-13-2020, from 1300-1800. She finally said ok. Well she waited all day Friday for the delivery. but the delivery never came. Making a long story short, the delivery persons when to the wrong address, secondly they did not call my mother who was waiting for 5 hours to confirm the address. They took the refrigerator back to the store. I was on the phone with customer service for hour trying to correct this situation. Basically I was given the run around, spoke to 4 different customer service person, each one just give me the run around. They also told me that they would call me back to reschedule, which they never did. The last person I spoke to, told the earliest the could deliver was 03-17-2020. Why should my mother have to wait 4 more days without a refrigerator. There have to be a better system, Best Buy totally mess this order up, they should correct there mistake. All I was asking for , is for them to deliver it on 03-14-2020, I'm not asking for too much.

My name is Rajib Khan. On November 15th I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+Unlocked Phone Using my best buy credit card.I Payed 1099 dollar for the phone. After 7 days I logged in to my best buy account and found that the price was dropped to 799 dollar. I got little upset and explained the situation to my friend. She told me that best buy has a price match guarantee policy. After carefully studding best buy price match policy I called to best buy customer service at November 25th asking for a price match for the phone I brought. After listening everything the customer service representative told me that best buy is not reviewing any price math claim from November 20th to December 2nd.they told me to call back after December 2nd, and told me if the price remain low they will match the price. Then I went to best buy store at north Charleston to talked buy a ps4.While buying the product I talked to a best buy customer service representative. After listening everything she told me that because I brought the product from online so she can not help me and told to call best buy customer I called them again and I was given the same confusing answer and told me to call back after December 2nd.I told her that at December 2nd 15 day time limit will be expired. She told me that they extended the price match claim time limit till January 14th. Because I was getting different answers from different customer service representative, so I got little bit confused and the next day I call them again. This time the lady assured me that I am eligible for the price match and price of the phone remain same till charismas and told me to call back after cyber Monday

went to store to up with grandson 07/07 19 I wanted to upgrade my phone and get phone for grand son ,.Kenny Q WAS the salesman HE assured me upgrading would be easy not because he said I need to come back to finish and he off the next two days I also told him while i'm there need to get phone for my8year old grandson need a case for phone so he want break it and I add to sprint account I brought phone it cost $100.well before I could go back for him to finish my down loads .and he couldn't help me with a case for grand child phone .nor did he suggest policy protections with sprint .the grand child phone drop out his hand broken went back to store told him I was nt satisfy with his service nor like the fact that grand child phone broken not warranted he said he couldn't help me called manager britt she said she cant do anything about I even told kenny that I wanted to buy another phone he said if I did the same phone would be 3oo and something dollars I brought the phone for one hundred and was the worst experience at best buy long story short call several times the product warranty people told to go to best buy in bluffton sc and give them a call I did they told me to go to the geek squad I did that handed my phone to a man there he talk with them and told me to talk to the next desk which was customer service..they called the manager on duty he said he remembered me from the day I spoke with britt and he wish that he could help me but he cant so it made me mad and very disappointed with this store.

I purchased a samsung washer and dryer from your open box dept. Upon the initial delivery 5 days after purchase, the washer was damaged. The plug was broken. At that time, customer service offered to over night the part and have the geek squad come to repair and install it the next day. That did not happen. We received the part the next day and 4 days after that, the geek squad came and replaced the plug but nobody came from installation. After several calls, we were promised (actually, guaranteed) that today (July 17th) that we were manually placed on the install list and that we would get service between 5-7 pm. I called this morning to confirm. Nobody came. We spoke to several people, including the General Manager from Eatontown. at no time did anyone offer a solution. So for 3 1/2 weeks I have been unable to do my laundry due to the incompetency of your company. I have NEVER dealt with a customer service like this before where nobody will give their names or take responsibility for what has happened. So I have taken delivery based on a company promise and the machines sit in my garage uninstalled. I have taken 3 separate days off from wrk and have lost several hundred dollars in wages and something that should be so simple, has become a nightmare with no end in sight. I have no idea what to do at this point. If this is not resolved tomorrow, I will dispute the charge with my credit card company and refuse to pay for the items that you happily took my money for 3 weeks ago. I am so angry and disappointed. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Nobody has a clue what is going on and nobody has the ability to commit or problem solve. It is a wonder that you are still in business. 041b061a72


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