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Solusi Praktis Cara Download Live Worksheet untuk Kebutuhan Pembelajaran

Cara Download Live Worksheet: A Guide for Teachers and Students

Live worksheet is a website that allows you to transform your traditional printable worksheets (doc, pdf, jpg...) into interactive online exercises with self-correction, which we call "interactive worksheets". Students can do the worksheets online and send their answers to the teacher. This is good for the students (it's motivating), for the teacher (it saves time) and for the environment (it saves paper). Additionally, our interactive worksheets take full advantage of the new technologies applied to education: they may include sounds, videos, drag and drop exercises, join with arrows, multiple choice... and even speaking exercises, that the students must do using the microphone.

cara download live worksheet


In this article, we will show you how to download live worksheet as pdf, how to make your own interactive worksheets, how to get your students' answers, what are the benefits of using live worksheet, and what are some alternatives to live worksheet. Let's get started!

How to download live worksheet as pdf?

Some of the worksheets included in this website are also downloadable as pdf, although we encourage users to avoid printing and save paper using online worksheets. The worksheets are downloadable as pdf only when the author has enabled this option. Users are limited to 10 daily downloads with a free account. This limit can be extended if you change your subscription.

To download a live worksheet as pdf, you need to follow these steps: