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Sing Your Heart Out with StarMaker Lite 8.1.2 APK - Free Download

How to Download and Install StarMaker Lite 8.1.2 APK on Android

If you love singing karaoke songs and making new friends online, you might want to try StarMaker Lite, a popular singing app and music community with over 50 million users globally. In this article, we will show you how to download and install StarMaker Lite 8.1.2 APK on your Android device.

starmaker lite 8.1.2 apk download

What is StarMaker Lite?

StarMaker Lite is a lighter version of StarMaker, a full-featured karaoke app that offers a huge songbook, voice effects, video filters, live broadcasting, and more. StarMaker Lite is designed for users who have limited storage space or network speed on their devices. It has a smaller app size and faster loading speed, but still provides a great singing experience.

Features of StarMaker Lite

Some of the features of StarMaker Lite are:

  • Daily Task: You can complete daily tasks to earn rewards and unlock exclusive VIP privileges.

  • Grab the Mic: You can compete with other users to sing the lyrics card as fast as possible and win prizes.