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Winscp Ini File Password Crack

the ini file is the default location where your connection settings are stored in. winscp does not allow you to create new ini files. if you are using more than one profile, you can create a separate ini file for each profile.

Winscp Ini File Password Crack

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winscp configurations are saved to the ini file. the ini file is located at "c:\users\user_name\appdata\roaming\winscp\sessions". when you start winscp, it automatically loads your last used session (if you are in multi-profile mode) or the default one (if you are in single-profile mode).

its very difficult to come across a person who would use password manager or one of the complex password generators on daily basis. everyone seems to use passwords that are either easy to remember or random looking. but that does not mean your passwords are safe.

like they said, your not safe, because the password stored in the ini file is the only way that the server would be able to authenticate you. if the ini file is hacked, the malicious code would be able to access all your settings. this is where password manager tools comes in handy. with the help of such tools, your password for each site is not stored in plain text in the ini file. this is a very secure way of storing passwords.

a very popular password manager is keepass. its available for all major platforms and its simple and easy to use. all you need to do is create an entry for each site that you want to connect to. the password can be easily generated on the fly. the generated password is saved in the database file (in the "user" folder). the next time you connect to the same site, the password is already present. thats what password manager tools are made for.


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