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Squid Game Simulator: Can You Beat the Odds and Win the Prize?

Squid Game Game: What Is It and How to Play It Online

If you are a fan of Netflix shows, you have probably heard of Squid Game, a Korean thriller series that has taken the world by storm. But what is Squid Game exactly? And how can you play it online? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will explore the origin, plot, games, popularity, controversies, online versions, and future of Squid Game game. Let's dive in!

squid game game


The Origin of Squid Game

Squid Game is a Netflix original series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk, a Korean filmmaker who also wrote and directed every episode. He came up with the idea for Squid Game in 2008, when he was struggling financially and wanted to make a story about people who risk their lives for money. He was inspired by his childhood games, such as red light green light and tug of war, and imagined how they could be turned into deadly challenges. He also drew inspiration from manga, such as Battle Royale and Liar Game, and movies, such as The Hunger Games and Saw. However, he faced many rejections from studios and investors, who thought his idea was too violent and unrealistic. He finally managed to sell his script to Netflix in 2019, after more than a decade of persistence.

The Plot of Squid Game

Squid Game follows the story of 456 people who are invited to participate in a mysterious competition, where they have to play six games based on traditional Korean children's games. The catch is that the games are lethal, and anyone who fails or breaks the rules is eliminated by masked gunmen. The survivors are promised a huge prize of 45.6 billion won (about 38 million dollars), which they can use to pay off their debts and start a new life. The main protagonist is Seong Gi-hun (played by Lee Jung-jae), a divorced and broke chauffeur who is desperate to win the money for his daughter. Along the way, he meets other characters, such as Cho Sang-woo (played by Park Hae-soo), his childhood friend and former stockbroker; Kang Sae-byeok (played by Jung Ho-yeon), a North Korean defector and pickpocket; Ahn Min-yeo (played by Kim Joo-ryoung), a loudmouthed and manipulative woman; and Oh Il-nam (played by Oh Young-soo), an elderly man with a brain tumor. As the games get harder and more brutal, the characters have to face moral dilemmas, betrayals, alliances, and secrets.

The Games of Squid Game

The six games that are played in Squid Game are:




Red Light Green Light

A game where players have to move forward when a giant doll says "green light" and stop when it says "red light". The doll can detect any movement during the red light.

If a player moves during the red light, they are eliminated. If a player does not reach the finish line within 5 minutes, they are eliminated.

Tug of War

A game where two teams of 10 players each have to pull a rope across a platform. The platform is suspended over a pit.

If a team falls off the platform or lets go of the rope, they are eliminated.

Sugar Honeycomb

A game where players have to cut out a shape from a thin sheet of honeycomb candy using a needle. The shape can be a circle, a triangle, a star, or an umbrella.

If a player breaks the shape or does not finish within 10 minutes, they are eliminated.


A game where players are paired up and have to play various marble games with each other. Each player starts with 10 marbles.

If a player loses all their marbles or does not finish within 30 minutes, they are eliminated. The winner of each pair takes the loser's marbles.

Glass Bridge

A game where players have to cross a bridge made of 18 pairs of glass panels. One panel in each pair is tempered and can support the weight of two people, while the other is normal and will shatter under pressure.

If a player steps on a normal panel or falls off the bridge, they are eliminated. If no one reaches the end of the bridge within 16 minutes, everyone is eliminated.

Squid Game

A game where two players have to play a traditional Korean game called squid game. The game involves drawing a squid-shaped figure on the ground and trying to reach its head while defending or attacking the other player.

The player who reaches the head of the squid first wins. The player who dies or gives up loses.

The Popularity of Squid GameSquid Game became a global phenomenon soon after its release on September 17, 2021. It broke Netflix records by becoming the most-watched show in 94 countries, including the US, the UK, India, Brazil, France, and of course, South Korea. It also became the first Korean show to top the Netflix global chart. As of October 12, 2021, Squid Game had been watched by more than 111 million accounts, making it the most successful Netflix launch ever.

The Cultural Impact of Squid Game

Squid Game not only entertained millions of viewers, but also influenced various aspects of culture. For example:

  • Fashion: Squid Game inspired many people to dress up as the characters or the masked guards for Halloween or cosplay. Some online retailers even sold out of the green tracksuits and pink jumpsuits that are worn by the players and the staff in the show.

  • Music: Squid Game also inspired some musicians to create songs or remixes based on the show. For instance, American rapper Lil Nas X released a song called Industry Baby (Squid Game Edition), which features samples from the show's soundtrack and references to the games.

  • Memes: Squid Game also spawned countless memes and jokes on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Some of the most popular memes include the red light green light doll, the sugar honeycomb shapes, the tug of war strategies, and the squid game logo.

  • Social Media: Squid Game also generated a lot of buzz and engagement on social media platforms, where fans shared their opinions, reactions, theories, and fan art. According to a report by Socialbakers, Squid Game was mentioned more than 28 million times on social media in September 2021, making it the most talked-about show of the month.

  • Other: Squid Game also influenced other aspects of culture, such as education, sports, art, and politics. For example, some teachers used Squid Game as a way to teach math, history, or sociology. Some athletes used Squid Game as a way to celebrate their victories or challenge their opponents. Some artists used Squid Game as a way to create paintings, sculptures, or graffiti. Some politicians used Squid Game as a way to criticize social inequality or corruption.

The Controversies of Squid Game

Despite its popularity and acclaim, Squid Game also faced some criticisms and controversies. For example:

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  • Violence: Some viewers and critics found Squid Game too violent and graphic for their taste. They argued that the show glorified violence and desensitized people to human suffering. They also warned that the show could trigger trauma or anxiety for some viewers.

  • Plagiarism: Some people accused Squid Game of plagiarizing or copying from other works, such as Alice in Borderland (a Japanese manga and Netflix series), As The Gods Will (a Japanese manga and movie), The Running Man (a American novel and movie), and Cube (a Canadian movie). They claimed that Squid Game had similar themes, settings, characters, or scenes as these works. However, Hwang Dong-hyuk denied these allegations and said that he was not aware of these works when he wrote Squid Game.

  • Phone Number Leak: Some people complained that Squid Game leaked their phone numbers without their consent. This happened because one of the characters in the show gave out a phone number that turned out to be a real number belonging to a random person in Korea. As a result, this person received thousands of calls and messages from curious fans who wanted to join Squid Game. Netflix apologized for this mistake and said that they would edit out the number from future episodes.



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