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VERIFIED Download Facebook Blaster Pro Zip

To download the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite software, please fill in your information below. Upon successful submission, the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite download link and activation key will be sent to your email address. BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite is currently available for Microsoft Windows.

Download Facebook Blaster Pro zip

To download the BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro, select the model of your Sound BlasterX product. You will be taken to the relevant product support page where you can download the latest versions of the software. BlasterX Acoustic Engine Pro is currently available for Windows only.

The list of FOXPRO game calls that you can purchase sounds for online is as follows: XR6, NX3, NX4, XR6, NX3, NX4, FX3, FX5, SCORPION X1A, X1B, X1C, SPITFIRE, WILDFIRE, WILDFIRE 2, FIRESTORM, FURY, FURY 2, PRAIRIE BLASTER, PRAIRIE BLASTER 2, PRAIRIE BLASTER 3, CS24, CS24B, CS24C, KRAKATOA, KRAKATOA II, SNOW-CROW PRO (SC3, SC5), SNOW-CROW PRO 2, SUPER SNOW CROW PRO, OCC, HELLFIRE, CABELAS OUTFITTER SERIES, TRUCK PRO, SHOCKWAVE, FUSION, CROSSFIRE, INFERNO, BANSHEE & SCREAMING BANSHEE, PATRIOT, BUCK PRO, HAMMERJACK, X1, X2S, X24, XWAVE. ** If your model FOXPRO game call is not featured on the list above, you will be unable to purchase and download sounds. Please click here for factory reprogramming options.

After successfully purchasing a new sound pack, you can begin the process of downloading it to your computer. There are two options available for downloading sounds to your computer: 1) You can download all sounds at once in a compressed zip file or 2) You can download each sound individually. Both methods will be discussed.

  • Option 1: Download NowDepending upon what web browser you are using, the exact process for saving this file to your computer may vary. Immediately after clicking on "Download Now", your browser may prompt you to specify a location on your hard drive that you wish to save the file into. On Windows PC's, most web browsers default saving location is "(My) Documents -> Downloads". You can choose to save the file in the default location or save it to your desktop; whichever is the easiest. Do not try to save the compressed sound pack file to your game call or memory card! This will not get you the results you are looking for. The compressed file houses the individual sound files. When the compressed file is opened, you will