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Kirill Kulikov
Kirill Kulikov

Swiftec V1 7 7l

the most important feature that the technicians of today and engineers of tomorrow will have as part of their tool box for tuning and troubleshooting, is a dynamic car setup and ecu diagnostic tool. viezu technologies have been used by high profile tuning companies the world over for over a decade and over a million cars, and as such viezu is the simplest and most advanced diagnostic tool to have on the market.

Swiftec V1 7 7l

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the vf9901 is the essential tool that all professional car tuners require to have in their tool box when working on cars and ecus. the vf9901 was the first car setup, diagnostic and ecu tuning tool of its time and still the most effective.

the vf9901 is a streamlined turnkey auto tuning tool that has the highest possible level of functionality and is easy to use. no complex or confusing menus, no beta software, this is the tool for those that do not want to bore themselves just wishing for tuning success. the tool allows you to choose from the main menu how the car setup is carried out and is obviously the tool for those who prefer to just press one button and get on with the fun of tuning. the tool can therefore be ordered with the vf7700 vfd replacement for those who wish to get the best possible setup for their car.

the vf9901 has gone through a number of upgrades and now provides complete coverage of all the most important parameters, it is able to detect up to 64 parameters, provides an automatic calibration and up to three diagnostic scans a day. the most extensive module array of any tool on the market, which is why we have seen an 87% module adoption from companies all over the world.


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