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Download Driver Radeon: Best Practices for Installing AMD Radeon Graphics and Ryzen Chipset Drivers

How to Download and Update Driver Radeon on Windows 10/11

If you have a PC with an AMD Radeon graphics card, you may wonder how to download and update the driver for it. In this article, we will show you what Radeon is, why you need it, and how to download, install, and update the driver for your Radeon graphics product. We will also cover some common issues with Radeon driver and how to fix them.

download driver radeon

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What is Radeon and Why Do You Need It?

Radeon is a brand of graphics products by AMD

Radeon is a brand of computer products, including graphics processing units (GPUs), random-access memory (RAM), RAM disk software, and solid-state drives (SSDs), produced by Radeon Technologies Group, a division of AMD. The brand was launched in 2000 by ATI Technologies, which was acquired by AMD in 2006 for US$5.4 billion.

Radeon Graphics is the successor to the Rage line of GPUs. It has different families of microarchitectures, such as the fixed-pipeline family, the unified shader model families of TeraScale and Graphics Core Next, and the RDNA family. Radeon GPUs are used for gaming, video editing, rendering, streaming, and other graphics-intensive tasks.