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Yamaha Shimming Gauges

Yamaha Shimming Gauges

Brand New in packaging

Yamaha outboard reverse gear shim gauge set YB-34468-A. Used to determine the proper reverse gear shims. Place on the washer surface of the bearing housing, then measure the clearance between the tool and top of the teeth on the gear.

Model numbers in the set:

  • YB-34468-1A - V-6 Shim Gauge
  • YB-34468-2 - Shim Gauge
  • YB-34468-3 - Shim Gauge
  • YB-34468-4 - Shim Gauge
  • YB-34468-5 - 70 HP Shim Gauge
  • YB-34468-6A - Shim Gauge
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